Matchmaking Broken?

Diamond 4 in solo/duo. Why did I just pair with a D1 and 2 golds? Against high diamonds??? And despite being the only one on my team to go positive, I still lose a crap ton of csr???


It’s pretty awful. I’m currently Onyx 1668 and I keep getting paired up with Gold 3’s and up but rarely ever another Onyx. Enemy team usually around Diamond / Plat and two Onyx.

The worst part is how when this happens, I usually double the score of all my teammates while the enemy team is all even. It’s incredibly annoying. What’s the point of being high rank if you’re just going to get lower ranked players on your team?

How are you supposed to win ranked Slayer when you’re the only one with any game sense? Why would you match up a Gold 3 against an Onyx team just because there’s an Onyx on yours… it’s just baffling. You don’t see this happening on games like CS:GO, where when you’re a Global Elite the lowest you’ll see in your team is LEM, two ranks below you.

This also sadly isn’t new, MCC was the same - You could be ranked 34 on a playlist and have teammates below 20 or even new players. Makes no sense.


I haven’t really looked at my teammates ranked, but I was watching a buddy of mine stream and he’s diamond 3 and all 3 of his teammates were low gold and 3 of his opponents were diamond 1-3 range with one high gold.

Makes no sense.

If anything, this has taught me all those people who said mccs ranked issues were a player population thing were full of it. 343 has no idea how to make ranked worked. It’s absolutely horrendous

lol a population issue would be ranked in swtor where only 15-20 people play ranked. MCC didn’t have a population issue at all.

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