Matchmaking Breaking again?

For the past couple days ive been experiencing too many connection issues, ones that i havent experienced since month 1-3 of MCC. I’m finding games just fine, thats not the issue. My issues are games constantly ending early, having everybody lag out of the game, the roster doesnt work, and its starting to take 5-6 shots to kill somebody with a br in H2A or in H3. Hit detection in H3 is still bad, im getting an enormous amounts of bloodshots with sniper in 3 and 2C again. With all these problems happening again without any updates lately,im getting worried that MCC will stay broken. I have faith that 5 will work for many many reasons, but please fix MCC before hand.

I hope they give us and update soon. Even if it fix’s nothing I just need an update for hope. To hang on to the little hope I have left. : )

Way too many games ending early.

Same here, I’m lucky if the game goes more than 20 points, I had one end at 7 and another at 4 on H3. Can you imagine the thousands of hours customers have put in hoping they will actually fix this game? Lagging out, can’t find matches, downloading matchmaking data, matchmaking not allowed…on and on, not to mention the wear and tear doing hard resets on the xbox one several times a day.