Matchmaking Ban

I think it’s just fantastic that leaving 1 -Yoinking!- game on MCC has put me in line for a 1 day ban, like seriously, I’ve never left a game before, even when getting 4v1’d by sweaty no lives that can’t help but -Yoink!- and shoot my body, but me leaving 1 game because I had to go take a call is banworthy??? That’s -Yoinking!- stupid and so is whoever came up with that.

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If you have only left one game then it would be a minutes ban, not a days ban. The ban time increases with each match you leave and resets after a certain amount of time. For you to get a days ban you would have had to have left multiple matches either in a row or while the “cooldown” was still in effect.

You can find out more information in the official thread which is here.

As above, please use the ban thread pinned at the top of the relevant game forum for any queries on matchmaking bans