Matchmaking ban is a complete joke

Me and my buddy played one game! He had to get up and check something, but it took longer than he had expected. When he returned, not only was he booted for inactivity, but he received a ban too. This one game is the first time that he has played in days, yet after one inactivity he has been banned. He was not given a warning or even an information about why he was banned. After 30 mins he tried to start a game and was informed that he is still banned. This is complete garbage! I understand for multiple times, but for one time is a complete joke. On top of the one time it would be nice to know why he was banned and how long this garbage is supposed to last instead of leaving it as guessing game. We haven’t even been able to play much this week until today and then we only get one game because some moron at 343 is incapable of telling the difference between one inactivity and a half dozen!

Is your mate really you? There are two DNFs on your record but not recent ones…

It stacks up you know… Why was he inactive in the first place. If you’re gonna play, play and make sure you have the time to.

Your “friend” probably has a ton of DNFs on his record because you don’t get banned for “one time” quitting.

The bans are easy to get around. Just turn your system off and back on and you should be good to go.

What’s your friends gamertag? Are they on this forum? We could investigate!

Wow I’d gladly take a dnf over getting destroyed I don’t see why you guys are attacking him I play with warzone teams where we don’t kill bosses and keep them spawn traped until we hit the score limit just for the fun of it and that is why I gladly take dnfs over destruction

No it is not me and his gamertag is AlliedWarwick. Like I said he hasn’t played a lot lately!

Bit off topic but I once got a warning for betraying a teammate after the game ended. Bit strange why the banhammer incorporates post game betraying but pretty easy not to hold back.

Quick question! Someone made the comment the I myself have at least 2 DNF. Where do I look to see how many I have or can I even look to find out?

His last two games were both on 1/7/16 and both were dnf

He received one on the 7th and one today! I have had 3 between now and the 7th, 2 of which were on the 7th. I’ve even ended up with a total of 4 between now and the 6th, but I have gotten nothing and no warning or anything. Be that this was his first game of the day, getting a 30+ min is a little excessive and a bit of a joke. I understand the need for it, but when you have had 2 within a 3 day period that is just a little on the analysis side. If someone quits a half dozen games or better in a day, I say go for it, but for 1 game that’s just down right petty garbage.

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> It stacks up you know… Why was he inactive in the first place. If you’re gonna play, play and make sure you have the time to.

Some people have other things to do that may destract them from gaming like important phone calls, kids, emergencies, pets that need care, to shut them out is wrong, they payed money for the game too. While it may be inconvienient or annoying that they don’t play it’s something that’s kind of 343s fault. If there weren’t such heavy penalties for quitting and there was JIP then you wouldn’t have these teammates sitting there away.