matchmaking and server connection lost

I am using a different internet now, the server end issue is still there for all playlists, arean and warzone. And I got matched with a champion and a onyx from company hyperlethality. And we were gold 6 and 4. It was doubles… This was 9th disconnect today and got my second ban for 35 minutes. 343, atleast acknowledge that you are aware of the issue, so we know that we a re being heard.

Almost all of my arena matched today, I have been kicked out of them all. To be more specify, doubles.

Let’s try to get some more info about your internet, because most of your most recent DNFs showed that not everyone was dropped from those games (in the arena games, you were the only one dropped). So that suggests that the servers did not crash, and instead there was a communication problem between your console and Halo 5 servers. So please try to tell me the following:
Current ISP (also your previous ISP, just for comparison)
Up/down speeds (what your ISP says it should be and what speedtest says it actually is)
Ping & Packet loss (measure here, and note that you’ll need to update flash player and Java, and don’t use Chrome)
Latency with Microsoft Azure servers (probably where the Halo 5 servers are; you can check here, and you can also test up/down speeds to the Azure servers if you want)

I rarely experience lag issues and even less rarely get disconnected, so I will provide examples of my info for comparison.
ISP: Cox
Up/down: 50 mbps down, 10 mbps up (actual is 59.35 down, 6.8 up)
Ping and packet loss: 32 ms ping, 0% packet loss
Azure latency: usually 30-50 ms for the East Coast servers