matchmaking and ranking

Overall I really enjoy the beta. The first few hours were a lot of fun, but (im not sure if its just me) now whenever I find a game it very often seems that the other team is absurdly stacked/better then mine. A few hours ago I started a game and it had various ranks, enough to split amongst the teams to be balenced, but when the game started all higher skilled people were on one team. I remeber on the other team there was 1 pro, 2 semipros, and 1 gold. On mine there was 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze, and 1 unranked.

Now I maybe complaining because im the only one on my team that pulls thier own weight and end up loosing. I know its just a beta but I would like to go against, and have, people who are around my skill rank (Im in silver and personally I think I should only be going againsy other silvers) There is the skill rank for a reason right?

One side effect of this is that people frequently quit because their loosing. I think there should be some sort of punishment for leaving too many games in a period of time. Maybe not being able to play for x number of minutes so less people leave the game just because they’re not winning.

Last things I think the ar should need a few more bullets to kill (maybe like 2 more bullets…?). And I think grenade blast radius is fine but the damage should be tuned down a little (maybe make it take only your shields down if you’re directly over it instead of your shields and half health.)

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

  • yes, skill ratings are in- no, they aren’t accurate to individual skill- yes they need fine tuning, having the best score, kd spread and ratio in the game but loosing to your failure team mates should penalize you less in rating than it does while doing the same thing but winning the game should award you more… -16 for the loss +6 for the win… the loss i was 17/7 on the loosing team and the win i was 18/1 on the winning team… its not working right me thinks.- i don’t think they’re using the skill ratings to match players atm, to increase the number of games played- people who quit or don’t play (yea those people that sit there and die for up to 12 minutes!) 0k, 0a… 20 deaths should suffer extra penalties to their skill rating, maybe also not get progression on their spartan rank- im not sure they have implemented a way to stop solo queued players matching against teams yet- they should use the halo 4 grenades, they were spot on.- the AR is fine, keep your distance and that br you worship so highly will do fine