Matchmaking and ranking issues in doubles.

So i am good enough to defeat onyx players at my best. Yet i got gold in double this season and in previous season. Also, i am either getting matched with a noob and 2 onyx/champion on enemy team. Or we and some good guy with total noobs on the other. This make both the games extremely unenjoyable and one sided. Wtf is wrong with this playlist. Is it just wrong for me or are there others with the same problem?

I think Doubles is a playlist where it is more important than any other that you join a fire team. If you are leaving it up to matchmaking to find a partner there are good odds that A) you won’t communicate and B) he may end up quitting leaving you with a terrible game. I don’t do doubles unless one of my friends is online and ready to get sweaty.

Since this is a new playlist and there has not been prior rankings, the highest you could of ranked from your initial 10 ranking matches is platinum. They don’t factor in your rankings in other playlists because you could be a FFA god but then go into Team Arena and not know callouts or how to work as a team. Also, to avoid getting bad teammates try searching with a friend on focused to get the best possible matching.