matchmakeing idea

I have an idea and I would like to see 343 consider it I would like to hear what other people think. So when the calender for rotational play list after king of the hill is up I think it should be taken in consideration to make the play list add all the fin game types added into existing play list like rebound ricochet added to action sack and ninja assassin added to rumble pit excetra. We could have a 6v6 playlist so those with a lot of friends that love matchmaking can have domion and heavies and a variety of awesome game types in other play list keep proving ground and capture the flag as those are highly competitive playlist and add a 5 v5 objective play list it could even have slayer if wanted which could have ricochet king and oddball. I think this could maximize fun of the game and play list variety and even reduce the number of play list kinda like halo 3 and reach ran it but better. It would also give people that always seam to have a lot of people on a variety of matchmaking options oh and a 3 man multi team. Tell me what you guys think.

I would kinda prefer thinking outside this “playlist box”. Not in Halo 4, but in future Halos.
To me those should be categories. So in the end you could sort the machtlist by map, gametype (Slayer, koth, ctf), popularity or classic groups like “BTB”. And then you just pick the one exact game you want to play.

What bringt it if there were 7 maps with 3 different gametypes on each, so 21 possibilities, when in the end the vote has only 3 random-maps?
After all everyone will vote for ragnarok and doesn’T care what else there might be.
You know what I mean?

This voting system is limiting a playlist. Right now you kinds need many playlist so you can jump from playlist to playlist to really be able to play different maps and gametypes.

Well, I wrote something similar like this here a few days ago:
Don’t know how you handle stuff like this in this forum. If I should copy the text so we have one thread or whatever…

I made a similar suggestion based on game type, but generally that concept of a Playlist needs to go. Too many people are forced to play something they hate, or they back out and leave an unbalanced game…

Couldnt agree more that the ‘playlist’ thing needs to change. A server list would be perfect for me, would help for finding any maps or gametypes you want to play, and be helpful for ACTUALLY finding DLC maps in ordinary playlists… i suggest like a search preference in MM settings for next halo game, where you could say search for ‘specific gametype’ on ‘all maps’. Or ‘ctf’ on ‘dlc maps’ just so you actually have a chance to find stuff you want rather than being bullied into playing boring maps/gametypes over and over.