Matching improvements

Nerf the melee and the grenades! Add more BR,s and give the commando a power boost but slow fire rate.

Why do you feel that melee needs nerfs? I feel like it is quite balanced (desync issues aside), as you should be able to punish players who thoughtlessly get too close to you in combat.

In what way do grenades need nerfing? Their throw distance? Their damage radius? Their basic damage? Are you talking about ‘Dynamo’, ‘Frag’, ‘Spike’, or ‘Plasma’ grenades? If you don’t provide specifics, no one knows what you’re referring to. :man_shrugging:

Saying ‘add more ‘BR’ spawns’ leads me to believe you’re not talking about ‘ranked’ at all, as everyone in ranked starts with a ‘BR.’ You must be referring to social modes like ‘BTB’, ‘Quick Play’ or ‘Team Slayer.’ :upside_down_face:

I will agree that giving the ‘Commando’ a slight power adjustment would bring it in line with other similar weapons. It does not, however, need a slower rate of fire, just less recoil.

Melee lunge is ridiculous and doing the melee cancel is OP.
The frag nades I feel have a huge damage radios. I only play ranked now because I don’t have many opportunities to get my hands on a BR. Anther issue I ran into is D sync issues. I don’t have any issue with this on mcc or any other online game.

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Only time I feel that it is useful is when I find a few enemies my teammates have weakened and I can finish them off with a punch… other wise it’s a hard pass.

The lunge range and two melee strikes to bring a Spartan down is terrible. The ballistics of a punch (even a spartan punch) vs a bullet don’t quite match.

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After some thought’ a simple increase to the walking backwards speed would change a lot .it wouldn’t have to be a big increase. I think this would solve the melee lunge issue. I still think the frag grenade damage radios needs to be reduced a little or the damage that is taken.