Matching By Skill?

Is there any way to match by skill because I got most of my points from Spartan Ops, and I keep getting matched with SR 40-55 people. It’s really annoying.

SR doesn’t matter. It’s pure progression. I feel like I’m playing Reach randomness again. I don’t want to hear excuses like the population is to low, cuz itz not. Where is truskill?

Yeah, I would like to be matched by skill, so I can ease into the experience since this is the first weekend I’ve actually got to play multiplayer. But it seems everyone already has the good gear and know the map layout.

Yea I really miss true skill ranking like in halo 2. If they were to bring that back it’d be amazing

True skill is definitely in right now. My first few matches I owned like crazy then after a bit now its hard to get some kills and stay positive in matches.

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Check out this thread if you want a full skill ranking system leave feedback

Well, I’ve been doing horrible since I’ve started and I continue to be matched with higher skilled people. I have no clue how True Skill is working right now.

People, a skill ranking system is in the game. Every game on Xbox Live that has matchmaking uses TrueSkill to match players.

Just because there isn’t some number next to your Gamertag doesn’t mean there isn’t a skill matching system.

lol i got 21 kills first game of MM i played trust me SR doesnt matter AT ALL!

if you need a good loadouti have some suggestions.