Matches start with Incomplete Lobbies?

What part of starting a 4-0, 4-1, 4-2, or 4-3 game makes sense? I will confine this discussion to Infinity Slayer as the most basic example of this troubling issue.

Now I know the first response I will get will be “because players will join during the game anyways”. Please don’t mention that as an intelligent answer if you’re going to post here unless you elaborate on it why it should be the sole reason this issue should be overlooked.

Why start the game with one team at a severe disadvantage when power weapon spawns and map control are easy to take advantage of as to provide the team a huge advantage over players that join late?

Why can’t the better alternative not be to simply fill the lobby in its entirety before the game starts as to not rely on blind luck in filling your matchmaking party with players once the game has already started?

Of all the concepts and decisions painfully and obviously compeltely ripped-off from the Call of Duty franchise why keep in an aspect that caters to matchmaking speed rather than for the fairness and enjoyment for each individual player?

If anything can be discerned from this discussion it’s that why in the world would you start a 4-0 game? What a waste of time for all of those involved who get locked in for a game that doesn’t happen…

This is one of my biggest complaints as well and I totally agree how incredibly stupid it is to start a game uneven. The answer I got when I posted a similar topic was “to start games faster”. Really? How long were people waiting for a full game to get matched? Maybe 2 minutes tops. I will wait the extra minute to start on an even playing field! Thanks 343.

Yeah exactly man. Why impede fairness and equality for speed when speed was never a concern in the first place.

I find that only in very few games that I play most of the lobby sticks around between games. Most of the time they just leave and search again or search somewhere else. Therefore, if you’re lucky first of all to start in a complete 4v4 game then you sure as hell are going to be hard pressed to get that same balance in game 2…