Match Rejoin Glitch

Alright, so I was playing some MCC last night, having a good time with the Match Composer, when I suddenly got disconnected while loading into Ivory Tower. Expecting to be banned, I tried to jump right back into the search…successfully. Confused, I continued to search until I got another match, this time on Zanzibar.

I was not expecting what happened next.

After loading into the match, I found myself not on Zanzibar, but back on Ivory Tower! It seemed like I had just rejoined the match from which I was forcibly disconnected. I was able to finish the match as normal (although the lag was, as always for me, terrible), but I still have no idea what happened. I also did not receive a ban for either the Ivory Tower disconnect or the potential “disconnect” from the Zanzibar match, assuming that match actually occurred.

Here’s a link to the full 2-minute clip showing everything I’ve described above: Disconnect and Rejoin