Match Making Banning

Im starting to find it really rediculous. I get disconnected from xbox live a lot, and everytime that i do i am banned from match making. This is the reason that i am going to stop playing halo, even though i can barely play it at all. This is why i feel CoD is a lot better series then halo.

We all agree its a bad way to fix a bad problem but it does exist and people deal with it…

If you want to play CoD go play CoD the forums dont need to know… :3

If you’re getting disconnected enough to get put on the quit ban, you should really look at your own connection.

Your team shouldn’t be punished because you lag out.

I’ve only been playing online for a little over a week,although
I’m no stranger to fps games.I don’t really agree with paying to play online in the first place and already am being threatened w/being banned and having to wait to join/rejoin matchmaking.
This is Cr*p.I’m paying for this?! First off,I’m being forced to play some games that I don’t like such as Zombies,Headhunter,Oddball,King ect…So the matchmaking needs
a serious overhaul.It should be people who want to play those
games joining that particular ‘gametype’ and then matching them up.Not forcing people to play games they don’t want to play.
I’ve not chosen to quit more than 4-5 game in the past 10 days or so and the rest is down to xbox freezing or dropping connection which i have nothing to do with.Does Microsoft do this
with all their online games or is it just Halo? Not that it matters.I won’t be paying for just to be told I’ll be banned for
something I have no control over or be made to play a type of game that I don’t want too.I hope more people speak up about this
so that something will be done.