I am getting layers of different menus all on the same screen, if I back out of a FIND GAME sometimes I somehow manage to get a randoms player menu to display like their emblem and file share to be displayed under the active menu like Multiplayer.
I get SESSION FULL Failed to connect as the session is full. (why am I even getting this when searching for games?)

The last three matches I tried after the map is loading I get MATCH INCOMPLETE. I didn’t even get a chance to complete it. Then I get this God awful /!\ Connection Failed: “Your connection to the host has failed, please try again.” Then this stays in the background as I try to move around the menus and I have to actually back out of the game, then quit and restart to have this happen again. Yet I am still trying to FIND a GAME.

So 343 what kind of compensation do you have in mind for the loyal fans that are putting up with this stuff?

This does need to be fixed ASAP.