Match history on Halo Waypoint?

Not long ago (I want to say I went through my match history to show something to someone on the Halo discord server. I went on Waypoint again today to look through some of my past matches, and found that it only shows the previous 20… what happened to all of that previous data? Why can’t I access it anymore? No one likes it when you just remove a bunch of stats, its unnecessary, especially for Microsoft. Last checked in March 2021, so it’s been within the last year. This is really sad…

There has never been more than the last 20 matches in MCC stats. There is comprehensive match history for H5, Infinite, and handful of legacy titles but not for the MCC.

There used to be for the MCC less than a year ago, I have picture proof:

Anyways, this upset me so much I decided to code a fix for it. Up to 100 matches worth of data are available, with some extra hidden data as well, but I didn’t feel like doing the css to include those.


Well I’ll be -Yoink!-, this is what I get for using mobile exclusively for Waypoint. I’ve always been disappointed with the stat tracking for the MCC. We should be able to view our complete game history as well as see a greater stat breakdown per match given that Bungie set this precedent all the way back in H2. The fact that my emblem doesn’t even display properly on here, doesn’t give me much hope for the future of waypoint functionality and TMCC.

There are more stats available, like headshot count, medal count, which game, which map. Don’t know why you’d collect the data if you won’t use it…

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No, its not related to this. The API has been massively pared down. Only the last 100 games exist in the API, which is why you cannot see beyond that.

You can still grab that other data. You just need to interact with the limited API directly. is a good starting point.

I’m not sure you read the thread nor watched the video.

I made a plugin that extends the functionality already, and it works. I made a ticket for them to just add this plugin since the code is already there, and they give canned responses each time that I say “how about you just read the thread then”.

So 11 months later, I’m wanting to add the code I made (video link above) to waypoint and they won’t do it because they only take feedback on this site, and they won’t read it unless people reply and bump the thread.

I thought you were referring to the addition of the extra information to our profiles, not your plugin.
Bumping a topic will not get 343’s attention, since my understanding is they do not read the forums.

343 should add all of the stats that are being tracked to our profiles, period. Bungie set a standard and 343 threw it in the trash with a profile that barely functions.

If you want to get your issue seen by 343, make a reddit post or a Tweet.