Match Composer - would offer so many benefits

This needs to happen and should have been from launch.

You could still have the ‘play 3 oddball matches’’ etc challenges (in fact, you could have more), encouraging people to play certain game modes without driving them crazy drowning in CTF. Events would still work and would just be a featured option.

Game modes such as Attrition and any future ones can stay in without the diluted playlist problem being an issue - not enough people wanting to play Attrition, give them their next choice. Many more modes could be added.

Ranked Arena could be one choice therefore if you were entered into a ranked arena match, it could still be Slayer or any objective ensuring that people don’t rank up by purely playing Oddball for example. But then there’d be separate Slayer, SWAT, etc options.

If any mode was short people would be sent to their other choices.

Waiting times reduced.
Challenges’ frustration reduced.
Variety increased.

It only brings positives, it’d be one of the only additions that has no negatives for both 343 and the players.

I remember when Fiesta and Husky Raid had to merge in H5 and that upset everyone of the two because each of the fan bases didn’t like the other mode so then the Fiesta players went to BTB Fiesta and the Husky players quit every other match. Match Composer would stop that ever happening in Infinite’s future.

You could even use it to support your forge community, I made maps such as a game where you stood on your own crab and it’d move depending on where you stood on it, if you fell off the crab you’d drown in the water. You had to steer the crab to get the flag and then bring it back while shooting at people. It was called Crabture the Flag (genius I know).

The only place for that would be Action Sack, and that seemed to have about 8 game types, some of which were the whole lifetime of the game.

You could add hundreds to an option called “Action Sack Betas/Future/Pool” (something better) in a new option that just rotates any that work correctly bug free (Unyshek can test them, he’s not busy :wink::joy:), then if things become popular (maybe a vote up/down) they could be promoted to Action Sack itself.

You know all this 343, you’ve done it already, crazy decision to do playlists. This has to be added!


One thing the most successful franchises tend to do, is keep the best features of previous entries. MCC’s matchmaking composer is my single favorite game feature of the entire last generation of games. I’ve never seen anyone say they didn’t like it, and usually people are reaching about it

It’s seriously the most player friendly matchmaking system I’ve seen in a MP game. To not build it in to Infinite’s MM system makes me think the Infinite and MCC teams are super silo’d and don’t really collaborate a ton :frowning:


I just don’t understand why it isn’t like Splitgate or MCC.

You have the list of gamemodes available in the game on your screen. You check what gamemodes you want to search for and boom. Search.

Nothing they have done makes sense other than to frustrate people