Match composer idea

Ok, so suppose they add this feature into the game.
What would it look like?

Well first of all, I think we need persistent lobbies.
You can leave a lobby at any time, but you can also stay as long as you want (not exactly but we’ll get into that in a little bit)
Lobbies can also have spectators (we’ll get into that too)

Once you get 8 people, a lobby forms on a random map that goes with the gamemode you picked.
You play the match and then at the end of each round, you go to a lobby screen (similar to CS:GO)
You can vote for the next gamemode, the options would be as following:

  • The mode you are currently playing
  • All the others that people searched for in their match composer

So (obviously) everyone in the lobby was searching for Slayer
But what if a few others also searched for Attrition?
That is an option to vote for.


All those were also searched for, so they are now options to vote for for the next.
If they decide to keep playing Slayer, than those options reappear after the next match finishes.
If a player leaves, he takes with him the options that he brought to the lobby. And new players bring their own options.

You can vote for up to 2 modes, so you can pick the one you really want to play, and then incase you can’t play that one, you pick your second most wanted mode.

If there is a tie, the game automatically chooses the current mode.

(please take note that this does not work for BtB, instead, your other options are simply more BtB modes)

Now, onto match composers.

You have the list of all the modes laid out in front of you.
Let’s look at the ones that we have so far (with a few additions that have been leaked)

1 flag CTF
Neutral flag CTF

Fiesta Attrition
Fiesta CTF
Fiesta one flag CTF
Fiesta Strongholds

Oddball FFA

Team Slayer
FFA Slayer

Tactical Slayer
Tactical Slayer Commandos
Tactical Slayer Manglers
Tactical Slayer Stalker Rifles
Tactical Slayer Sidekicks

Attrition Dodgeball




Ranked Slayer
Ranked Elimination
Ranked One Flag
Ranked Oddball
Ranked Strongholds

BtB Slayer
BtB Stockpile
BtB Total Control

I think that is it.

A grand total of 31 different modes

You can select any number of modes, or, you can select the “quickplay” feature, that searches for every mode. You can also position each mode that you have searched for in terms of priority.

Say you selected Slayer, Infection, and KOTH, but you wanted to play Infection the most.
You can move Infection towards the top of your “priority” list and it you will have a greater chance to get into an Infection lobby than a Slayer or KOTH one.

If you aren’t finding a match, you can choose to spectate a match of your choice (a gamemode you searched for of course)

Now, onto rotating players!

When you enter a lobby, if there are players spectating it, you can only play 5 matches before being rotated out to let the spectators into the lobby.
You can then continue spectating, or, you can leave to spectate another lobby, search for new modes, or whatever else there is in the game.

Also, please note, that if there are no spectators, no one is rotated out.
If a spectator does arrive, the person who has been in the lobby the longest is rotated out, if there is a tie, the one with the higher score is rotated out.

Do you like this idea?

Is this a good idea?
  • No
  • No, but you’re an idiot
  • Yes
  • Yes, but it needs some work

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I don’t understand what you said. Why a match composer should be so complicated ? In Halo MCC, it was very simple and usefull. The same thing for Infinite should be enough (with the Halo game option in less).

Halo Infinite really need a match composer to separate slayer and objectives game mode because it is unbearable the way it is !

Why is it complicated?
You pick what modes you want and you search for them.