Mastering the suppresor makes me sad

To take such a long time for such a up weapon. It will definitely need a buff in the weapon tuning.

the assault rifle and storm rifle are alot better than the supressor i found while maxing them

which actually i find a little odd, i think like forerunner loadout weapons should be just as good, i feel as they are the more evolved race their technology is beyond ours, yet their guns suck

obviously power weapons, they rule and beat others
but loadout ones seem a bit, bad

The Suppressor is a lot better than people exaggerate it is. Learn how to use it correctly.

I think suppressor is getting a buff in the tweaking.

> I think suppressor is getting a buff in the tweaking.

Along with other automatic weapons.

it’s not that bad. all your shots have to count though

You just have to get close. Once in range, it destroys.

Treat it like a SMG.

Use Requisition + Ordnance Priority and hope that you’ll get a Damage boost.

I have used this load out to get some kills with it.

  • Primary Weapon: DMR (you need something Overpowered to balance something Underpowered lmao)
  • Secondary Weapon: Suppressor
  • Armor Ability: Hologram
  • Tactical Package: Firepower
  • Support Upgrade: Dexterity

DMR should stands it’s own in this load out. You only need it to not being in a disadvantage. Hologram will help you to make surprise attack (SURPRISE! HERE IS A SUPPRESSOR! lmao). Dexterity will speed up your weapon swapping time. It’s very useful since you have two primaries. It’s often can save your life, or give a kill for your Suppressor commendation. A faster reload time also comes in handy for any kind of weapon.

The thing about the Suppressor is that you have to be much closer to your opponent to take advantage of its firepower than you would have to be for the AR or SR. Otherwise any mobility based packages or AAs(Mobility, thruster, jetpack, wetwork) are your best bet, Holograms to draw enemies wouldn’t be bad either.

This is why it is probably my favorite to run with firepower. The general rule for auto weapons seems to be run AR for longest range and most versatility, run the suppressor if you want the best damage output, and run the storm rifle if you want the middle ground.

Suppressor is a good weapon, but the only problems with it is the “spread” of the shot. When you shoot the weapon, the “shot-spread” is way too wide, unlike the AR and the SR. You could say that the Suppressor is a good automatic close combat weapon.