Mastering the Bolt-shot?

I am trying to master all the weapon commendations and most of them are getting closer to being completed… except one.
My Bolt-shot commendation has just been sitting at the same place for the last several months, not being used. I still have to get over 200 more kills with it but I just can’t use it.

Whenever I kill someone with the Bolt-shot I just feel so bad and want to commit suicide (in the game, not real life of course).
How can I do this?

I guess if I kill you with a Bolt-shot ever please know this, I am truly sorry.

How are/have you completed this weapon and how did you feel about it?

Please help if you know anyway around this but still mastering the weapon.

Oh also on a side note I’m hidden somewhere in the weekly bulletin so see if you can spot me. (Hooray)

Just charge up your boltshot and run at people with dexterity…
Seems to work for all the nubbies who can’t get kills any other way…

Remove there shields with your main weapon & then swap & head-shot them with it!

I basically use it when I’m out of ammo with my Primary, or I’m being chased. I turn around and attempt to Boltshot them. I say attempt, because it doesn’t always work. I really don’t feel so bad using it. I don’t sit in a corner waiting for someone to run by and Boltshot them in the back.

I have quite a ways to go before I max this out, but I will say that it’s going to be difficult to go back to the Magnum once I’m done. I’m starting to like it as my secondary. I don’t fully understand the mentality of feeling bad for outplaying someone in MM. Use the tools we have available, and just have fun with it. No need to apologize.

I would not really feel bad about using the boltshot these days. It not even close to being as OP as it used to be since they nerfed it. Anyway if you are still feeling bad/cheap about using it then get a large group of your friends and go run an FFA playlist in matchmaking. Thats what my friends and I did 1 time to work on plasma pistols, storm rifles, etc. And I’m not talking about boosting either. Everyone should agree to use a set weapon for the game and just run it as usual.

I can’t see the sense of this. Why do you feel bad for killing someone in a multiplayer fps? Just kill them with the BS like they would kill you. If you use the shotgun or scattershot, you also don’t feel bad.

Don’t feel bad using it. If your opponent runs toward the glowing, screeching pistol, they had it coming.

There are a few ways to use the BS and not feel cheap:

  1. Use the primary fire and go for the headshot. Use whatever means necessary to strip your target of their shields and make them eat hardlight.

  2. Use it in Slayer Pro, after all you don’t spawn with it so you can think of it as a power weapon. Also the BS is a lot more skillful with no radar.

  3. Use it as a way to punish other cheap tactics (PV, AC, Sticky spamming etc.).

I feel the same way, but I figure if I do get around to finishing that one, I’ll probably use it in Objective. Hey, “Anything to save the ball-carrier,” right?