Mastering Commendations or Hidden CSR

There are many things I could say about this game both positive and negative. The overall gameplay, I feel, is pretty fun, but there still is something missing.

I’m trying to find out how many Halo fans prefer to go for mastering their commendations or for increasing their CSR ranking that can only be seen on Waypoint.

In Halo 3 I was able to get to a 46 ranking in Lone Wolves, but without being able to see my own or anyone else’s, I am really not that motivated to work towards increasing it. I’ve mastered all the human weapons and am now working on the Forerunner. I could easily increase my CSR if I constantly used the DMR and BR, but instead I run around with a Suppressor and Pulse Grenades. Consequently I hardly win so my CSR is only at a 26. Which is totally fine with me.

So what do you play for when playing this game, because we all know that most die-hard online Halo players like to play for something.

On a little tangent, I think they should reward special emblems for those who master a certain weapon or have some way to show off you complete dominance with the Plasma Pistol. I left Halo 4 for nearly a month, because it got stagnant and boring grinding through commendations with nothing to show for it except experience, which means nothing when you are a SR-130. I thought a CSR would make it more competitive, but not being able to see my own and others in-game just doesn’t cut it for me so I went back to where I left off with my commendation grinding, and now only play Halo when friends are online and wanting me to play.

All in all, I feel like 343 tried to make Halo 4 competitive, but until you make CSR visible, and put them in playlists where loadouts are generic and guests aren’t allowed, I won’t be motivated to try and increase it, which makes me more reluctant to play it. You’re almost there, 343, let’s make it happen.