Master poll

Ok, in order to consolidate opinions and so on I am taking it upon myself to make a comprehensive poll to cover the more popular stances I’ve seen on the forums lately. I know this is presumptuous of me and so on and hence forth and to some it may be seen as sucking up and blah blah blah, but in all honesty without hard objective numbers all this back and forth flaming is pointless. We all know it in our hearts and these knee jerk on the fly carbon copy threads are way to numerous, thanks in advance for voting guys, happy hunting.

Also select all that apply :stuck_out_tongue:

And taco’s take the lead

Tacos and new additions at a dead heat looks like its gonna be a photo finish!!

So anyone care to share?

> So anyone care to share?

:heart: Tacos! :heart:
I voted for taco’s and the waiting to see something real, oh and there be no bumpin’.

Hell yeah I like tacos.

Wow, a lot of bumps there, OP.

OT: I’m optimistic. I think 343i know what they’re doing and I, personally, do like the additions. A little more flavor and zest to Halo is always good. I just hope the devs don’t get carried away, but, given their handling of Reach, I’ve learned to trust the folks over at 343i.

Meh, I was bored, couldn’t resist commentary on the votes, lol, I want a taco now,

And I’m actually pretty excited but I can see why people are concerned, its cool different strokes and all.