Master of Unicorns - what does it mean?

I’ve skimmed a few articles about it, but I still don’t really understand. Anyone care to inform me?

You are born to command Unicorns; what’s confusing?

Basically, around about a year ago, they added ranks to the forums with the new forum software.

At the time, there were two ranks, Member & Advanced Member, Member was default and Advance Member was for those who got 50 posts.

Slowly, they moved everyone from Advanced Member to Member, despite their post count, then one day, they added a whole range of ranks from Recruit - Iron, all the way to Spartan - Onyx.

A majority of the forum members were changed from Member to Recruit - Iron, while others were left at Member, due to this, they were stuck, to which the rank changed from Member to I R Stuck.

I R Stuck was later changed to Master of Unicorns for some odd reason.

Basically, your rank is glitched, you didn’t make a post during the rank transfer, so you got stuck with Master on Unicorns.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much, rank doesn’t play a part in anything until you get 6,001 posts (Spartan - Iron) when you unlock a signature, and when you get that many posts, you can PM bs angel and ask for your rank to be changed to Spartan - Iron.

The issue isn’t a top priority at the moment compared to other issues like the search bar still being disabled and X number of users online being incorrect.