Master list of Halo Infinite's problems and solutions

Halo Infinite so far absolutely has the ability to be my favorite Halo game of all time, but it has some major, MAJOR issues, first off let’s go over the least of which (To not make this insanely long I am only going to go over problems and solutions, not anything I like about the game)
a=problem b=solution

1a-The AR’s ttk doesn’t leave much breathing room for any other weapon in the game/bloom
1b-The AR should be nerfed by getting rid of bloom and it’s headshot multiplier and if it’s still too strong then by decreasing its damage. Bloom needs to go because it only muddies the roles that each weapon play, particularly the AR, the ability to increase accuracy by tap firing just lessens the viability of weapons like the BR and Commando especially when you spawn with the AR and it has a much faster rpm then them, making the AR less accurate when first firing but staying that accuracy makes it clear the range it’s meant for and makes it possible to hit slightly farther targets while holding down the trigger like it’s meant to be used without your bullets going in completely random directions making the gunplay much more satisfying

2a-I find that the weapon drill bots having lower health than players might lead to confusion for new players
2b-Make weapon drill bots health the same as any other enemy

3a-Grenade spam
3b-I know there are some that have big issues with friendly fire apparently, so instead of just across the board friendly fire have only grenades deal damage to friendlies in social matchmaking, this is possibly confusing for new players but I find lessening the amount of grenade spam would be worth it at least personally

4a-Weird, broken, or lacking controller aim assist
4b-Honestly I have no clue what goes into making aim assist feel good but I’m just letting y’all know it’s kinda busted lol, particularly the Stalker Rifle on controller feels AWFUL

5a-Being killed just after getting around a corner (More often than I usually do in shooters. Could just be because the AR is too strong as that is usually the gun doing it)
5b-Could be due to the damage indicator not being able to indicate precisely enough where damage is coming from for me to tell when being shot in the back that they aren’t directly behind me, could be netcode, could be AR, not sure, solution depends

6a-Inconsistent melee lunge and lack of a red hipfire (or sprinting with Sword) reticle to convey how far you can lunge (leading to it feeling inconsistent but I think it might mechanically need tweaking as well)
6b-Reticle needs to go red when hipfiring or sprinting with a sword when someone is in lunge range, lunge itself seems inconsistent, probably needs testing I’m not entirely sure

7a-Gravity Hammer’s 1 hit kill range is too low (and inconsistent) for how long it takes to swing, and lack of a faster melee input bunt animation to normally melee instead of just the slow swing but no shockwave would really help it
7b-I think the 1 hit kill range just needs upped, 1 hit kill range being inconsistent needs testing, faster melee input animation would be appreciated

8a-Pulse Carbine is borderline useless in pvp, maybe it’s supposed to be but with it taking up multiple weapon racks on every map it feels very out of place and a waste of map weapon variety
8b-Honestly no clue how you make the Pulse Carbine more usable without making it overpowered, but if it doesn’t get some type of buff, and even if it does just for more variety in the game sandbox/plasma weapons, it needs a replacement in the weapon racks it takes up, my suggestion is the classic one and only Plasma Rifle toting a banished red coat of paint, the game is sorely lacking in the smg department and I think depending on how it’s done the Infinite Plasma Rifle could be one of the most satisfying to fire weapons in any Halo game, I will not elaborate because I don’t know how lol

9a-The Ravager underperforms massively, even when direct impacting shots (which is not conveyed through the weapons function and projectile effects as the overwhelmingly optimal way to use the weapon [as in the projectile impact effect and it being a burst launcher weapon or even it’s alt fire imply a stronger aoe from each projectile and that it should be used for area denial, not that you have to directly impact an enemy to get much more damage and actually maybe be able to kill faster than most weapons in the game]) it kills very slowly
9b-The impacts of the projectile need way more aoe damage and I think it needs more damage in general to be viable at all

10a-I personally think vehicles are much too fast but even if some disagree the acceleration and weightlessness are objective issues, not being able to turn in a giant turret mounted truck filled with up to 1.5 tons of Spartan without doing a barrel roll is ridiculous even in terms of Halo’s famously low gravity, and I shot myself clear off of Behemoth in a chopper when I absolutely should not have gone as far as I did and couldn’t have guessed that I would, it also makes the Wraith feel cramped even in huge maps, and the acceleration just makes it difficult to make small adjustments and makes how far you have to drive before being able to splatter a spartan like- a foot- which is insanely irritating to be on the receiving end of when trying to get near a vehicle
10b-Well they definitely need to accelerate slower, at least by a bit, and have slower speed in general, and idk how game physics work so it’s on y’all for a solution to how weightless and spinny the vehicles are but it definitely needs adjusting

11a-Hijack, it feels off, I’d need to test it but it seems like the vehicle has to be nearly completely still in order to be able to pull one off, which goes for entering a vehicle as well, I feel like I should be able to enter or hijack a vehicle moving at Spartan sprint speed but can’t, it could have to do with the button prompt itself, maybe it taking too long or not responding to holding the input early which is made worse by it seemingly not showing up at all, especially when the vehicle is moving, when your reticle is not on the vehicle itself, even when facing in the direction of it
11b-This definitely needs at least looked at slightly, I’m not sure about solutions but it’s definitely a problem in some way

12a-It being just better to melee a tank’s health all the way down instead of doing the only thing the prompt tells you you can do by placing one grenade that won’t destroy it and jumping off is just like, not great game design imo, since it is unclear to new players
12b-Let us place more than one grenade in the second or two after placing the first one and before jumping off or have both the melee and place grenade prompts show up every time you hijack a tank

13a-Shock rifle needs to be more differentiated from the S7, feels wayyyy harder to use on m&k than controller when I don’t have as big of a gap in difficulty between the two with the S7, ammo capacity is low for the long reload time and having a 3 body shot kill and difficult to hit 1 headshot kill if you hit the full burst
13b-Make it’s utility as a shock weapon more important to its role in the sandbox, so turn into a 2 headshot kill instead of 1 but the potency of it’s shocking properties are increased, with the shock chain dealing more damage and leaving damaging static on items on the ground for longer, and I’m unsure of whether or not it does this already but enemies in and around vehicles that have been electrified should take damage, and I dunno about m&k here, might just be me, and I think it should have 1 or 2 more rounds per mag or at least a faster reload

14a-Unknown lingering damage
14b-There should be a shock effect when you’re electrified

15a-Projectiles disappearing after you die, this shouldn’t happen straight up, I should not hear or sometimes SEE projectiles like shotgun pellets impacting an enemy as I die and see they’ve taken no damage afterwards, this happens a LOT
15b-Might be netcode, might be the game literally despawns crap, the solution depends

16a-I think the Heatwave is perfect how it is (if ur having trouble use vertical fire and lead ur shots) but the ricochet seems underwhelming, in fact I’d have to see how many times I’ve gotten the ricochet kill medal but it’s possible I’ve killed myself with it more times than other people
16b-Mostly a call not to buff it honestly, I think the people complaining just don’t know how to use it but the ricochet might do with being buffed in some way, not sure exactly how but then I’m not a game designer

17a-Sentinel Beam is underwhelming
17b-It’s definitely partly due to the AR being too strong but I think the Sentinel Beam could possibly do to have a little less recoil than it does

18a-Skewer seems inconsistent
18b-I’m not sure exactly, there are many shots I feel like I absolutely should have hit but didn’t but also many where it felt just right, this was mostly to talk about the reticle for the skewer, I think it should be smaller to more accurately represent where you have a chance to hit inside of it

19a-Cindershot damage or blast radius feels inconsistent at times
19b-I’m not sure what the exact problem is, most of the time it feels fantastic, sometimes based on the explosion graphic it feels like an enemy should’ve been hit by it or taken more damage then they did based on how enveloped they were by it but I’m not sure

20a-Hydra tracking is only useful for somewhat increasing your chance to hit far targets rather then actually tracking
20a-Rocket speed should slow based on how far a locked on target is or possibly how far they are from the center of your screen, as to increase turn radius

21a-Drop Wall provides less utility than the Bubble shield which if ever introduced to the game would essentially replace it when they could easily both be viable options
21b-The drop wall should last longer if only by a bit and projectiles traveling through the shield should deal slightly increased damage, thus making it a more offensive option (I already use it offensively but this change would most likely be what the playerbase needs to start using it that way)

22a-Flag feeling unbalanced compared to the Ball, and players being bounced out of melee range by a Ball-wielders melee attack causing them to lose even with the faster swing speed
22b-The Flag and Ball should both one shot, really not much reason they shouldn’t

23a-Threat sensor ui makes it unclear what health enemy shields are at
23b-The solution just so happens to be the PERFECT (imo) solution to one of the biggest gripes players had with the multiplayer before even playing the game, the outline system, which is- the lights on your Spartan’s armor, making them glow brightly the color you choose for each team- you get to keep your coating but have an in world indicator of a Spartan’s team and even keep getting to change the color of each team, I also just realized this doesn’t fix the Threat Sensor issue uh just make it to where the wall hack overlay on the enemy only shows up on parts of their body you don’t have line of sight of-
Ok- all that- wasn’t what I was mad about when I made this post, it was-

This I’m just gonna talk about, firstly, the fact that emblems and coatings are split between emblem, armor, vehicle, and weapon, and each weapon, each armor core, and each vehicle is RIDICULOUS and one of the scummiest things I’ve seen period, that needs to just be undone and it can be undone insanely easily, make getting an emblem give you the EMBLEM meaning it’s sticker version as well- shouldn’t even have to say version they should literally just be the same thing already, and when you unlock a coating you get that coating for EVERY armor core presently in the game and every armor core that gets added later, also- if I find out that two visors that look identical are split between armor cores, then that goes too, none of that sh*t. Also armor core mix and matching, there’s a point in HiddenXperia’s newest video where he shows bots and states that they are mix and matching armor between cores but looking at the screenshots I didn’t see any of them wearing any attachments from Mk 7 on 5(b) or vice versa, BUT, IF THEY CAN, then we abso-frikin-lutely should be able to as well, there is literally no reason not to except for maybe money if you find some way to monetize that. Now for the store, first off any and every armor coating that is literally just one color needs to be free and in everyone’s inventories immediately, a khaki color in the store yesterday for Yoroi and Yoroi’s red and blue colors being locked and the only way to be all white being a timed $20 set is absolutely ridiculous, then the prices need to be reduced, the zvesda set should be $12 max, a single legendary utility armor piece and an emblem? 5 bucks, I do like that the stuff in the store is all bundles, not just getting a helmet but an attachment, shoulders, and an emblem as well, but the prices are still way too high. Next, progression, there needs to not just be per match xp but match performance xp, maybe like 5xp per assist and 10 per kill, +2 to that for a headshot and +2 for a power weapon kill, +10 for destroying an enemy vehicle, so many xp for each medal you get, in that case a 10 kill game is about 100 xp, you can get much more xp through big team battle but big team battle matches also take longer, this means you are no longer forced into the quickest to complete playlist when you are done with your weeklies just to earn a measly 50 xp, on the topic of weeklies- those are the only challenges now, completing a match isn’t a challange and neither is getting 5 AR kills, so challenges like that are now the daily challeges, which there will be say- 4 of, with the 4th unlocked through obtaining the premium battle pass, and all weeklies will be available to make progress on at the same time, with 2 extras for having the battle pass, you still have tiers of challenges but with stuff like “chain lightning to 4 enemies at once” not locking your progress, and always active percent xp boosters given throughout the pass like 1% every 3 levels that only last for that passes season so as to not snowball. And now, progression AND the store, the battle pass should give credits, the premium version of the battle pass should also unlock a way to or just getting credits through earning xp, so you are not locked to however much you can buy in the store/the cost of the next seasons pass with the credits earned in the pass, it can even be a painfully small or slow amount of credits! There just has to be some way to earn the items in the store by playing the game cuz if it is the majority of items in the game that show up only in the store then that just makes the entire marketing of the customization before the game came out a lie. Ok, I think that’s pretty much all

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The Act Man’s latest video is now added to the list, I was not aware that 343 had said that the “beta” has all of the day 1 maps and modes, nor the state of custom games or the lack of lifetime statistics in-game.