Master Chief's Epiphany?!?

So i was rewatching the end cut scene between lasky and Master Chief. An it struck me odd near the then Lasky says

“You say that like soldiers and humanity are two different things. Soldiers aren’t machines (John breaks trance and turns head) we’re just people.”

I am not a reader of the books nor can i claim to know alot about the halo universe, but i have a feeling that turn of the head the epiphany that John has is going to play into the next halo. What is it i have no idea but i have a feeling that John will requote that last part We’re just people…

Good point. The “human machine” dilemma really seemed to impact him on the game, so i think it is possible.

Kinda reminds me of Gravemind’s quote towards the Chief in Halo 2.

probably will but I doubt its going to be played out as well in the game.

In the books he isn’t really all that much a social outcast as the Prologue in the beginning would have you believe. Sure, he isn’t “normal”, but a sociopath would be a stretch. But in Halo 4 I do think they delivered that idea of him learning to become more of a human than a machine very well. I’m confident him having his armor taken off at the end furthers that idea.