Master Chief's Armor Obtainable?

Will there be a way to to obtain Chief"s armor at all? Im guessing we will get it from completing the campaign on Legendary, but i also fear the 343 wont even allow us to get it at all.

We haven’t been able to since 2007 and, even then, could never use the proper color. I’d say, don’t count on it.

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Closest thing you’ll get is getting all the Reach Mark 6 stuff and playing pretend. The usual.

May be something that pops up by way of a seasonal event or a permutation one can build if the relevant core becomes available. That they gave the actual color scheme away on the MkVII core has me a little skeptical though.

That would be nice, but looking at the situation now, you would probably need to pay a not so micro-transaction.

Id like to bit id like it to be for like “obtain all campain achievements” or something along those lines

I would very much like to have it but not just that, I want all of Blue Teams updated armor. They’re based off The Package and I believe it’d be as close as we can get to it. So I would like for it to be here. I don’t want to be Chief. I just want the Mark VI. Plenty Spartans used the Mark VI and in Infinite all of Blue Team seems to be using the new Mark VI Gen 3, just differing helmets.

It’d be very disappointing. Especially since they have kits now for Legendary characters like all of Noble Team.

True, 4 and 5 had pretty much varients of his armor but werent exactly the same. I just really like how his armor looks in infinite, looks bulked up.

It looks alright yeah.

Master Chief is on the cover of the game, so it will only cost you a battle pass and several hours of playtime :rofl: :man_facepalming:

I’m sure I read somewhere that there may not be any armor pieces to unlock while playing the Campaign.

Its just an example. Like i really do want chiefs arnor because it looks so -Yoink!- sick and so far is my favorite armor visually in the entire series!

I definitely want to have to earn it, and not through a battle pass or some random challenge. I want it to be to the “recon” of halo infinite!