Master Chief vs Noble 6 Fan animation

You guys watch to much anime, despite this looking really cool it had to much special effects like the Jet packs, the energy whip? (When did he have that if Master Chief didn’t get a grappling Hook till Halo Infinite, ONI can’t afford that) also didn’t like the shoulder pads

This is my take:
In shadows of Reach, Master Chief is being followed and stopped, blue team then ask what’s wrong and he told them he would catch up, then Noble 6 cloak reveals himself,

Noble 6: Master Chief
MC: Noble 6? You were listed K.I.A?
Noble 6: Come on John, you know Spartans don’t die, we go missing in action :sunglasses:
MC: So why are you here…
Noble 6: For you, ONI relied on you once but after Cortana…
MC: And I already told them I would deal with it that’s why…
Noble 6: I know but ONI says otherwise, sorry John this isn’t personal then he cloaks

Then he and Master Chief do a couple of fighting fazes in gameplay like avoiding being sniped from noble six to assassination animation but of course noble 6 counters it and cloaks, (Kind of like Batman vs Arkham Knight) then it leads to a cutscene where they fight like Soldiers, not martial arts but knife fight, until Master Chief gets the upper hand and pins Noble 6 against a wall with his knife

Noble 6: Gah! That hurts breathing heavily
MC: Stick around
Noble 6: What are you going to do?!
MC: Finish the fight he then leaves and reunites with Blue Team and Noble 6 still SHADOWS blue team, saving them a couple of times till the end of the book or story.