Master Chief vs Captain America, enlist 4 MC!

So Bat in the Sun has just released another awesome battle video and revealed what the next episode will be, that’s right. Master Chief will battle Captain America for the title of the best supersoldier of all time.

For those of you that don’t know, batinthesun is a youtube channel that features a show called “Super Power Beat Down” in which they battle the most powerfull characters of comics, movies and videogames, in High quality production videos. They have already covered battles from Batman vs Deadpool or Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake, to Thor vs Superman and Gandalf vs Darth Vader!.Bat in the Sun youtube channel

I’m sure you’re all wondering now: but how can we help our beloved hero (Master Chief of course)?

Well it’s very simple, just head over to and vote for your favorite character, the character with the most votes will win the battle.

So what are you waiting for spartan?, gear up and help our soldier!