Master Chief talking more is a good thing.

Master Chief should be talk more because we should get to know more about Chief other then just reading the books. I think itll be cool if he were to say something cool while in gameplay as.long as its not cheesy.

There’s alot of stuff about Master Chief around. Btw, he’s already badass :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t want him exhausting his one liners like Firefight Reach. In E3 demo, I still remember Chief saying “hostiles” just after Cortana had already said they were hostiles. That’s the only part that was unnecessary talking.

I don’t pay Chief to talk, I pay him to rip it up and savor his badass one liners. Lol… as long as it has purpose to it.

Sure, I don’t really care though as long as he doesn’t talk as nearly as much as characters like Buck. I like Buck, though.

I’m fine with it. Master Chief is more than a bada$$. I’m glad 343i will be revealing more of him as a person and a Spartan. I think it’s pretty interesting how they have him as John-117 in the characters section on the website. I think it kinda hints at how Chief will be revealed as a person. The same also goes for how Cortana called him John in the E3 2011 reveal trailer (even though that isn’t canon). (I can’t remember her ever calling him John in the previous Halos.)