Master Chief suddenly left-handed?

According to the images that were recently released it appears that John’s suddenly left-handed.

click here for the image

At first I thought it might be a reflection because he’s upside down, but upon closer inspection I noticed the scratches on his chest armor. Those scratches are on the right side, and the weapon is held in the hand on the other side in a way that suggests that if he had to raise his weapon to shoot enemies he’d be doing so left-handed.

In the past quite a few images that have been released show John holding the weapon left-handedly, like in this image for example, but in these cases the image was always horizontally flipped, as you can tell by the scratches on his chest.

So, what do you guys think about this?
Silly mistake by the devs or will John be holding his gun differently in Halo 5?

Pretty sure it’s just a promo image.
Kinda like the trailer was a teaser/promo with the whole Chief with a poncho.

Perhaps he’s ambidextrous?
He is a super-soldier, after all.

Look at the bottom half of the original promo image. The bottom half appears to be a reflection (like in water), mirroring the Unknown Spartan.

I think this is not even a mistake from 343. Only because he holds his gun left handed in an leaked image doesn’t mean it will affect the gameplay at all.
Also I don’t think he has problems shooting left-handed, he could already dualwield in previous games.

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