Master Chief sucks at Halo 4

I’m sure we all want to see the halo 4 version of this classic…am I right?

Erm…no thanks, not this time.

That would be lovely.


What is this I don’t even…

Well, he has a full series that sprung from that called Arby ‘n’ the Chief, so maybe he will do an episode that is similar to the original about Halo 4, I think that would be cool.

Don’t make that classic the new “Two tomatoes walks across the road…” please. A joke is only fun as long as it is original, after that it starts to sink more and more into the “overused-zone”.

I’m sure Ch33f will be playing halo 4 in every episode of Arby 'n the Chief after November 6… It is guaranteed

> I’m sure Ch33f will be playing halo 4 in every episode of Arby 'n the Chief after November 6… It is guaranteed

Arbiter won’t be able to be an Elite in game though :frowning:

He’ll be a stupid looking helmeted Spartan.


What, you mean like a remake of the episode? That actually sounds like a pretty good idea. Maybe you should suggest the idea to John CJG via his blog or email? If he did decide to do it, I doubt that it will be part of the main-series. Instead I think he will make it a ‘Byte’ episode.

Yes, I totally think so! Leave Arbiter out of it, and just have the Chief like in the original 3.

Yes… but Arbiter won’t be an Elite… ):

Although I’d like to see it in a Byte of some sort.

Well, it was a pilot that led to a family guy-like machinima series that was actually pretty funny…if you can ignore all the racism and sexism. John’s satire on certain situations like MLG wannabes and 12 year olds playing M rated games were lawls worthy though. Then it got serious, a some-what decent movie, then LA ruined everything, then they had melodramatic romance, a intelligent spider, Digital ph33r is obviously a ‘hipster’ gamer, serious plots, a spin-off fan mail series and so on.

Nah. I can deal without it. Not to mention, it would contradict the plot since Chief actually learned how to play Halo pretty well in the last season. And why would John remake that pilot if he didn’t remake the pilot for Reach? (If you actually ask him, he’ll tell you he really enjoys Reach.) Chances are, CHief may not even care all too much. In the fan mail episodes he’s more interested in Halo 6 because ‘its the latest halo game, meaning it’ll have the tightest graphics’

Do not want.

That’s my opinion

I’ll pass.

Yeah make it a remake! Have them playing Halo 4 or something, get a package, and the package be a Promethean knight or something. and restart the whole series! haha