Master Chief Statue

So apparently there is a petition to: Build a statue of Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan John-117 on the lawn of the White House.
What are your thoughts on this matter? I for one think it would be awesome if the petition gets all the signatures, just to see what the response is.

Why not the Lincoln Memorial?
It would be twice as cool seeing humanity’s greatest next to each other.

XD Its funny. Id love to see the petition go through. Best government troll I’ve seen. Clean, silly and could be objected at once with no harm, no foul. I salute the person who made the petition.

Is this seriously a thing? That’s hilarious.

Ok,that’s awesome.

I’d love to see this get all the signatures it needs :smiley:
Pretty sure, MS would be more than happy to pay for it. haha

im pretty sure that they wouldnt build it as the republicans would shout there advertising games to kiddys

I voted yes and you should too!

The President is a democrat and pretty much any “renovations” done to the White House can be made at his/her will. Every President has left some kind of mark on the White House in their own way…I could totally see Obama letting this happen on his watch! XD


The Great Journey demands that this Statue will be built!

> I voted yes and you should too!


Is this real life?

So much YES.

I totally signed this!!! :smiley: