Master Chief possibly in MJOLNIR MK VII Armour?

So was looking over an old thread i made a couple years back about the similarities of the MK VII armour worn by Naomi from the Kilo-5 Books and the MK V from Reach, the reason being was she chose the design and of course “nano-machines…” lol, but this got me thinking with Halsey in the picture again to help with his armour systems and such instead of using the whole “nano-machines” excuse again we could possibly see an interaction between John and Halsey about giving him an upgrade to MK VII but she said he can decide the model/design of it and he goes ahead and says he want’s it to look like the OG MK VI armour from 2 & 3 rather than improving from his current model of MK VI from 4 & 5.
Just a thought on how it could be explained for the change in armour, that’s all, what does everybody else think?

MK VII was originally planned to be Halsey’s final iteration of Mjolnir, so Chief’s new armour could potentially be a fully realised upgrade to MK VI which’s actually designed by Halsey herself. You’re right, I can’t see it being a standard suit of MK VII either seeing as how VII’s been outdated for a few years at this point, and is already incorporated into GEN II. So yeah, I think it probably could be a variant of MK VII, or potentially a new model beyond Mjolnir entirely. Either way, I hope that it actually is designed by Halsey because that’s the only way the change makes sense to me outside of “Oh, he just found an old suit of MK VI—which for some reason has GEN II mods—lying around.”