Master Chief not quite right

I saw the recent screenshots of MC on the POA, and he doesnt look right yet. I don’t think that the screenshots are the final build, but I must point out his chest is terrible. The helmet, arm, and leg armor look sick, but the chest does not fit the body at all. Its way too big, and the chest armor does not look like its built around the gel layer. I’d make MC a bit leaner, and make the chest armor look like it was put around the gel layers, not half inside of it.

Just my opinion.

Idk, I like it. :slight_smile:

the original was bulky. Just pointing that out.

I strongly disagree. Good thing you rarely see him in 3rd person…

You make it sound like the jell layer is the black all around the armor. Isn’t the jell layer under another layer or two?

Really? Stop complaining. Jeez. He looks great.

I’ll take the HD Chief