Master Chief = Lord of Admirals?

Anyone else get the feeling that John is like a ‘reincarnated’ version of the Lord of Admirals?

Just thinking about what the Librarian was saying that the L.O.R was the biggest opponent he has ever faced and that seems to fit in with John and his ‘gene song’.

If he’s not a reincarnation then maybe the traits are stored in him. Like the last Forerunner novel, where Chakas called on the ‘old ghosts’ to guide them and then eventually becoming Guilty Spark.

Anyone got any thoughts on this?

The Librarian’s whole “we seeded the greatness long ago” was hinted at in the earliest novels. Halsey was out looking for specific genetic factors in Spartan-II candidates, they were never specific on “what” genetic factors. There’s also how the Spartans in the novels seem to “recognize” Forerunner buttons and panels, knowing how to work them somewhat.

It is without a doubt a very compelling theory. I started thinking the same. What sparked it was that the soldiers from the L.O.A’s time and Master Chief’s both have identical combat skins on. I could see a Mass Effect theory here though. If there is a purposed resemblance, then is there a cycle or a foreshadowing effect implemented? 343 definitely out did themselves with bringing the actual story to life and forging this detailed, in-depth look at the trilogy. Halo is indeed in good hands. I feel like reading all of the books and having all of this knowledge of the previous installments was well worth buying this game! :slight_smile: