Master Chief Incense Burner (WIP)

Hey guys, I’ve had these Halo Megabloks Micro Ops sets around for awhile and I decided to use the helmets that thay came with for some fancy creative projects.


I’m having trouble because I can’t determine where I would like for the smoke to leak out of MC’s helmet.

Any suggestions?

Maybe try the flashlights?

I dunno, the the Mark VI helmet and its derivatives (unlike Mark IV and V) don’t really have any vents that make for good smoke outlets.

i say in the flashlight area where you see those two small gold portruding spheres, drill two holes per side so total 4 holes and the smoke can seap out i think that would look great.

That’s what I’m thinking too. What if I cut through the visor in a couple places where the “cracks” are? I’m worried at that point the smoke would be spread too thin.