Master Chief avatar armor not working

So I redeemed a code for the Mark V avatar armor and yet for some odd reason I can’t wear it. When I first downloaded it the “Wear now” option was grayed out I thought that was odd so I went to the customize avatar section of xbox and I couldn’t find it there at all, not under my styles, not under awards not under anything. I then went to my system memory and saw it was there. Its the male version btw and my avatar is male so thats not it. I then went to my recent downloads list and downloaded it again and still the “wear now” option is grayed out. Why can’t I put it on?

not really sure…maybe (and this sounds dumb) the codes are backwards?

> is your avatar male or female?
> you might have accidentally downloaded the wrong gender armor type

Male armor and male avatar.

Try going on and use their avatar editor. It could just be something with your xbox that’s not allowing you to wear it.

Eh hes off fighting another war, he needed his armor back…

Odd. My first guess was that you accidentally downloaded the female code but you said you didn’t so I’m not sure.

I have the same issue, never been resolved :frowning:

dont know, gave the code to my friend. I think the halo 1 armor is ugly

The “Wear Now” was grayed out for me as well, but are you looking in the right place in the avatar editor? I couldn’t find the outfit at first, but it is under Change My Style->Dress Up-> and it will be towards the end of all the outfits there.

It is under the “Dress Up” tab in the avatar editor, as this is a suit. There have been so many threads of people complaining about not finding it.