Master Chief Armor Design is Awesome!

I mean to be very nice to the people at 343i that put hours into making that awesome trailer and the awesome new design of the new Chief!

I saw the Halo Infinite announcement back in the 2018 E3 and from that moment I KNEW something felt totally great with the armor design! I exchanged few tweets back then with Frank O’Connor and Jeff Easterling. I think Jeff responded to my tweet by saying how can you go off with the announcement trailer, we have more to show in the future… And did they!

So fast forward to E3 2019. After watching the trailer I have to say, the armor design is just green enough!, looks meaty and just right! It actually is what a super-soldier would wear when taking part in a desperate fight with mankind on the brink of it’s destruction! It just feels great and unique! If you look at HALO 4 armor design, that is far worse (toy vibe). Seeing Chief in that armor design you can’t take him seriously. With this HALO INFINITE armor, Chief just feels like the real Master Chief we have known and loved! 343i please don’t go back to HALO 4 armor design, leave it in the past! This current design has got to stay!

However I am excited for the game! What do you think?