Master Chief and his FlashLight?

So what ever happend to his Flash Light? Is their a reason is it broke? Or was it because of reasons from game development itself?

I’m going with game development decision.

It was likely cut for game development reasons. There aren’t any sections of Halo 4 that would benefit from a flashlight. Canonically, he still has flashlight, but he just didn’t use them during the Requiem campaign.

I don’t even think there’s a free button for it and was thus cut.

I think he broke it. :open_mouth:

> I don’t even think there’s a free button for it and was thus cut.

Most likely this.

The flashlight was good enough for CE and trying to highlight the lighting aspects of the graphics engine, however such a tool is far from useful for a Spartan in a suit that is capable of scanning the EM-spectrum, and beyond.

Reach’s “night vision” was much more suiting for the MJOLNIR suit, however still not as good as it could be.

For gameplay reasons, Spartans never really used the technology that reveals the not-so-hidden cloaked enemies… Lore-wise, the Covenant would be better to not cloak while in darkness as cloaking would light up their infrared signature like Rudolph on Christmas… Actually they’d never be able to actually cloak as MJOLNIR can easily spot that which VISR can.

It’s very important to note that Halo:CE through 3 takes place over the span of just over half a year and it was game-engine and gameplay reasons why VISR can see cloaked enemies but MJOLNIR got a “Shoot at me!!!” flashlight in CE but not an enemy revealing nightvision-HUD in Reach.

A flashlight would be pretty redundant when you have features like Promethean Vision available in most levels.

No reason to use one besides in dark levels which only happens like once even then sometimes you most likely not going to use it because you can still see fine. You also got things like VISOR mode and PV no reason to use a flashlight.

I say get rid of the light bulbs attached Chiefs helmet and bring back VISR mode. VISR mode is far more useful then a flash light.

The problem is that Halo 4 is so dang bright you wouldn’t need.
It’s likely cut due to game development though.

Giving Chief the flashlight to begin with made no sense to me. We are 500 years in the future and you give the most elite human force in the galaxy a flashlight. This caused several problems like:

  1. Battery Usage
  2. Gave Away Position

I think they should have given the Spartans a VISR mode like the ODSTs. At least night vision like in Halo Reach. I see more sense with VISR though because it is more tactical than night vision because it highlights targets (even invisible ones) and objectives, doesn’t run on batteries, and doesn’t give away your position. From a lore perspective if the Spartans are the best then why do they get a flashlight while the ODSTs get all the cool toys.