Master cheifs Braille Armor revisited!

Many of you know that 343 placed some braille on Master Chiefs armor for Halo 4. Most people know about the braille 117 on his chest plate. In bralle it reads **:: . There are several other instances of the number 7 which appears -Yoink- :: in braile. These lucky 7’s mostly appear mostly side to back of his chest plate. However there is a more curiose source of braille on his armor. I hope that yo might help me figure it out. There is brialle on his cod piece. Chiefs cod piece has been an amusing source of speculation for Halo fans for several topics. If you need to be filled in look for it on the web. Now back to the braille on his cod piece. It appears on the left, and right sides. It appers this way. However it appears i’m sure it is a nod the good old blind skull.

:: ___ ___ ::

  • ___/ *

There is many types of braille, International, American, Chinese, and even Hebrew. There is also American english word braille. In this system cells that usaully signify letters, or numbers can represent entire words.So the above braille can be interpreted in many different ways. Please bare with me as I offer some interprative options.

one is “QER” maybe an acronym. One acronym definition refers to “Quake engine reference.” Which is directly gaming related. Game developers who have worked on Quake titles have also worked on Halo 4. I am not convinced by this interpretation.

Using the braille word chart another interpretation can be ,“quite” and “er.”
quite + er= quiter

Using this methode of interpreting the armors braille a full sentence can be formed

** =can+ :: =go+ ::= quite+ ::=er /which cmpleted is/ “Can go quiter”

Maybe this is e reference to Bungie giving up teh Halos.

I’m not sure I have it right yet so please offer your interpretations. I would love to see what you all come up with.

I’m still editing this post to get the braille to apper right. Please follow the links for clarity.

Very interesting post. Surely useful for the Halo trivia freaks like me! :smiley:

“Trivia is never trivial.” Alex Trebek

Another interpretation using various word braille charts.

“Quite Perhaps Were Great.” 343 made a great game. Maybe this is it?

Braille was placed on chiefs armor to be noticed. Don’t be shy. Let us know what Chiefs cod piece means to you. LOLz

Another definition

117 can go quieter.

There are also four sevens on chiefs back. This translates to lucky (7777’s) sevens.

Interesting. I’ll go check it out right now. Um, by the way… isn’t Braille made for blind people? Or was it something else?
Cos I think, it was for them. And here in my country the ‘letters’ for blind people only consist of dots. Or am I mistaken somehow? Not sure…

Oh, and you should edit your last post or your OP instead of quadruple posting :confused: