Master Cheif Saviors II is finally recruiting

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If you’re reading this forum then you must be looking for a Spartan Company, if you are in need of a company then your in luck because Master Chief Saviors II is searching for new recruits. If you want to know more about a company then just there name here is a few things about us

  • We are after the Achilles armor and won’t just kick you out once we get close to it. - We are the Sub-company of the Master Chief Saviors. - We just started five days ago and already have twenty-four members which means we are growing at a rapid rate. - We have Events for all of the Halo Series that are not mandatory. - We are extremely active and have no SR or age requirement you just have to be mature. - We have gotten advice from some of top companies.If you have any questions feel free to ask me, clubbedcandy878. To join message me on Halowaypoint or request to join my company.