Massive lags and connection issues in 4vs4 customs

Hello everyone (343),

before i start i want to thank you all for making the MCC for us. It is awesome to play all the great games again.

So I have several issues regarding the matchmaking, a lot of other people already mentioned. What i haven’t seen though is a really annoying problem, when i join custom 4vs4’s.
It doesn’t matter, who hosts the game, I always seem to get massive lags, screen lags and also blackscreens during game, that noone else has. I checked my internet connection several times, but it seems great. If i play custom 1vs1’s or even 2vs2’s the connection seems perfect, but everytime I i join a 4vs4 custom it’s unplayable.The shot registration doesn’t work properly and also grenades come out late, or don’t come out at all. Sometimes it isn’t even possible to pick up weapons.
Since the multiplayer doesn’t work at the moment, it is very frustrating I can’t even play custom games. I know everyone is working their -Yoinks!- off, to deliver us the game we want, but since noone has reported the same problem yet, I want you to know about it. I ask a lot of friends about this problem and a lot of them with similar internet bandwith seem to have the same problems. At the moment I have 6mb/s down - and 0.5mb/s up-stream. In my living area it is impossible to upgrade the bandwith, so i have to deal with that, but because it was possible to run a 4 people Lan with 360’s and not having connection or lag issues at all, I think it should be possible to game MCC on Xbox One without flaws.
I wish you the best and hope you will be able to fix all the problems soon.

Thank you for the game and greetings from Austria,

yours Daniel