Massive Halo 4 Prediction *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*


Alright. For starters, in the end Halo 3, Chief escapes from the ark through a portal, and becomes stranded by a planet, which is now confired to be a shield world (as I predicted) named Requiem.
(A shield world is a hollow planet which is protected from the effects of a halo ring)

In the end Halo Novel Cryptum, a Forerunner known as “The Didact”, activates the Halo array at The Ark in order to eradicate the Flood. (100,000 years before the events of the games). The Didact’s death was not mentioned however. I guess he escaped the Ark the same way as Chief did, to Requiem so he could survive.

Throughout the lead up to the launch of Halo:CE anniversary, 343 kept saying that the new terminals would give insight into the Halo 4 story. The most noticeable is the last terminal, in which 343 Gulity Spark talks of a threat to “the reclaimer”, (aka Cheif). This threat is said to only be able to have their rage dampened by The Librarian, another Forerunner who was the lover of The Didact. Most noticeable to me, is the glyph shown as the scene ends. This is the symbol of The Didact.

Potential leaked concept of what is titled “Didact’s war sphinx”

This looks similar to the potential enemy in the end of a Halo 4 teaser showing concept art.
I would now like to draw your attention to the figure in the bottom left. From reference, this is what is known as a Promethean, a Forerunner warrior, similar to Spartans are to humans. They are the highest and most respected rank in the Forerunner military, standing at about 4 meters tall and weighing between 800-1000kg. The are also said to have the ability to easily crush a human skull with 1 hand. Here’s where this links in even more, The Didact, was a Promethean. Another thing about The Didact, is that he gained his fame from his success in the Human-Forerunner war, so he may possibly have hatred for humans.

Enough on that now, some smaller details. From the announcement of Halo 4, I predicted that Cortana will die/expire during the events of this new trilogy. As of now, this has basicly been confirmed. This is likely to be a seminal moment and will likely be at the end of one of the three new games.

Another detail is about the UNSC Infinity. The 3km long craft which houses the Spartan IVs and the Halo 4 multiplayer. As of recently, a live action Halo miniseries has been announced by 343, which follows the events of the previous Halo games, and the captain of Infinity’s life, most notably his inspiration to become a captain coming from the Chief. Announced by 343, Infinity will play into the main story of Halo 4, so there is likely to be a relationship with Chief and The Captain. This could also mean fighting alongside Spartan IVs.

This is basically all I’ve got so far. If you ask me, I wouldn’t be surprised if I were spot on. But it’s only 2/3 weeks until E3, where there’s bound to be a massive Halo 4 announcement. So not much time really until we know. If you want more info regarding the inclusion of the Covenant in Halo 4 and their role, just ask.