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Hello everyone,
I havent played since last summer and I really want to get into my favourite gamemode ( breakout ), but for some reason whenever I load into a game I am getting some massive glitches.

  1. I for some reason everyone is spawning in with shotguns instead of SMGs. This clearly is not intentional as nobody would put shotguns in a ranked playlist right?

  2. I always have a radar, which is bad because that is one of things that makes breakout unique… I think that other people might be experiencing the glitch as well because they seem to bait me with it… and their shotguns :confused:

  3. It is taking me 5 shots to kill people with magum when it is meant to be 3 shots. Again this is one of the things that makes breakout unique so it is a real shame that this is happening.

These horrific glitches ( first one mostly, others are not that bad ), mean that I can no longer play breakout… its like Im playing some random other gamemode that was labled breakout an accidentally put in ranked. Breakout was my favourite gamemode before all these glitches, It makes me want to cry at night, curl up and die :frowning:

I played every day for two months in the june/july season, for hours… and I got 1st in the UK on halotracker in breakout. I would do anything for the old breakout… I mean err… breakout without glitches.


Really like the new maps though.

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