MAss Effect 3 - Kai Leng: dat cheeze

Ok I’m not gonna talk about the elephant in the room in relation with the game (because if a certain theory is right, it might be one hell of a clever ending) but I’m gonna talk about this Kai Leng guy… THE HELL?!

Who else thought he got rejected for Deus Ex and somehow Metal Gear Solid, and cropped up in Mass Effect? He just don’t fit in what so ever. I know he was in the comics but that don’t justify squat.

I suppose all good stories have got to have some source of cheese in them.

My guess is they wanted to have a Space Ninja in the game.

Kai Leng, the biggest wuss in the galaxy and my most hated character in gaming.

When he turned up I just had a: -_- kinda face on, ya feel me dawg?