MARk VII customization when?

I noticed there are almost no customizations for the MK VII EVEN WITH THE BATTLE PASS! why?


They’re in the stores, now there’s Yorai stuff in the stores now

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Finally, someone else asked about this.

I hope they’re just holding a bunch back until launch, but from what I can tell, MK VII is in the backseat. A whole new generation of Spartans who never were, apparently.

Reach is cool and all, but playing on another game’s success instead of expounding on this great new “Gen 3” armor is kind of lame. Again, I could be entirely wrong about that, but that’s just what it looks like from here.

the store doesn’t include the battle pass…

Yeah i do like the options to use other armor but i wish we had the customization we had in halo 3 with colors at least… and more MK VII options unlocked at least for the game pass.