Mark VI Armor Question


I just have a quick question about the Mark VI armor you recieve for completeing the camgain on Legendary.

Can you do it in Co-op? Or does it have to be solo?

Any anwsers are apricated. Thanks!

You can get it from Co-Op. Just make sure the game registers that you have completed each mission on Legendary. My buddy and I blew through the campaign on Legendary Co-Op in about 5.5 hours: it registered for him so he got the armor. I didnt, so now I have to go back and re-do a few missions. Waypoint will show you which ones you have completed.

Note: just because you have the achievement for beating the mission does NOT mean that Waypoint recognizes you did. I have 8 of 8 completion, but waypoint only shows 6 of 8. If it doesnt register on the first playthrough, try again and it should pop. I havent yet but Im confident it will.

hey i beat it the first day on legendary alone and it shows everything complete everywhere??? i want to look like master chief any HELP