Mark VI Armor not unlocked? Please help!

I’ve just completed the Halo 4 campaign on legendary. Here are some pictures of proof: (they’re bad, I know)


It ends up saying this:

Why does it say this?

Can anyone do anything about this? I am not redoing this campaign mission -.-

Did you happen to play Forerunner offline? That’s the only reason why it would say that. All the campaign missions must be played online for the commendation to register.

I second the suggestion of replaying the mission while connected to the internet. This happened to me when my connection crapped out for a few minutes just before beating a level for the first time on Legendary. If all else fails, try going for a solo Legendary run of Forerunner whilst online.

Okay thanks for the help. I did do it offline, as well as a few other levels.

No problem. Yikes, well at least you still got the achievements for it. Hopefully it’ll be easier when you retry the missions, if you retry them.

don’t forget to watch the opening and ending in legendary difficulty. I think they count.

The armour unlocks for completing the commendation, the commendation won’t unlock if you are either Offline when you play it, or if you play it from a Rally point.