Mark V Prototype Armor?

I stumbled upon a fan-made 3D render of the original design for the Spartans to look like back when Halo was going to be a PC RTS game, before the final version of the game had been settled on.

Anyone else think that it would be awesome to have an armor set in Halo Infinite where the developers pay homage to their earliest of grass roots by designing an armor set that looks very much like the images in the following links, and dub the armor set as “Mark V Prototype”?

Front View -

Back View -

Original render pic from 1999 -

And have the armor description be something heartfelt like “The armor design was closely based off of a doodle that Captain Jacob Keys had drawn while spending quality time with Dr. Halsey, the piece of scratch paper was something she held tightly to over the years.

I’m sure we’ll see it at some point. They already used the retro colour scheme for the Halo 5 AR, so why not go all the way and make super retro armour?

I would love to see that og Mark V armor as an option. I’m sure we’ll get it along with a bunch of other throwback armors, like ODST or armors inspired by Noble Team. They had some of those in Halo 5 already so I would not at all be surprised if and when they come to Infinite as well.

Seriously on GAWD we need a lot more classic armors to come in. But we also need the doofy armors from Halo 5 to be recreated to not be doofy.

I’d really like this. I’d settle for the Halo 1 armor being included but this prototype stuff would be really cool.

The renders you saw were not just any fan art, but from one of the community’s better-known fan projects, Installation 01. It seems it’s still pretty far from being publicly released, but you can check out their website and social media for fun nonetheless.