Mark V B didn't get a Neon Honor Skin

It should, pretty lame the bundle doesn’t include it. Also make these with no battle damage, y’all want our money right?


Yes. I’d have rather had the coating for the mark vb opposed to the tenrai core.

And it really does baffle me how they just never stop putting dirty coatings into the game. Annoying.


Especially if pay actual money for it…

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It is partially due to game design norms.
The way the human eye and brain tracks lighting is that we like to focus on brighter color.

Team Fortress 2 does this by having a blander red/blue hue on your feet and as you get closer to the chest, you get more bold colors.

Halo Infinite does this by having the paint be scuffed and dirtier on your legs and then slowly become more fresh and less tarnished on your torso. It helps a lot with aiming.

Also OP, love the profile pic !

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From what I can tell, none of the Coatings are dirty. It’s actually the armor being scratched and dented. I scrolled through every single armor Coating in the game, and they all have the exact same dents, grooves, scuffs, and scratches in the same spots. Even the G2 ESPORTS Armor Kit is scuffed, because it doesn’t use a matte finish. The armor itself is scuffed.

Also, side thought, 343 also got rid of armor lights. No armors have lights. Not even the Reach Mark V core. Where are the lights at, 343???


They’re ugly AF when looking at them when we equip, and right before match starts. You must be seeing an error.

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Some of the armor setpieces have dirt on their feet or in their paint.
Take a look at the “Iron Man” skin with polished red and gold and then compare it to regular paint.
The regular paint skins look like it has seen some use and been in a few fights with how worn the paint is, whereas the polished paint looks fresh off the assembly line with the minor dents and scratches being quality control testing.

Don’t even get me started on the Iron Man skin, those chips in it make me upset. Pay 20 bucks and you don’t even get a skin that’s nice looking like on the Pro skins.


I honestly can’t wait until the JFO helmet gets added to the store. Combine that with the Silver or Crimson visor, and we have a legit Iron Man Spartan !

“Iron Man” Coating still has all the same scratches and dents on the shoulder pads, knee pads, body, and etc. You might not be able to tell from a distance, or angle of light, but those scrapes are all still there. Looking at it right now on a 60in 4k tv. The Coatings might hide the details sometimes, but all that “dirt” is always there.

Clearly you aren’t seeing the dirt that everyone else is seeing. Are you playing on a low-rate PC or an Xbox One? Because the 2D textures of the armor coatings have clear distinctions between the polished paintjob’s and the weathered paintjobs.

The Yoroi Armor is a great example because the Vermillion Flame (Iron Man Skin) and the Scarlet Empress skins are the same colors, just one is a fresh coat of paint and the other has been on the front line of combat for a year. Dirty, faded, scratched up, and the legs have clear dirt on them.

What are you talking about? Turn your graphics up past 120p and put your glasses on if you’re talking about this “dirt” that’s on literally every coating and every armor, because it’s dents and scratches in the armor itself

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… do I need to take a couple of screenshots when I get home to show you what I mean?

Yes, you do, because my screenshots show very clear scratches and dirt on Yoroi “Iron Man” Coating that you claim is flawless like a fresh coat of paint

I didn’t say flawless.
Metal dents still exist of course, but the paint is polished compared to the war-torn paint variants that we keep on getting.
A nice balance of a bold colored armor coating and a dirty armor coating is what OP is wanting, not 3 shiny coatings and every other one to be worn down.

So the description you guys were looking for isn’t “dirty”. You’re asking for a variety of shader paint finish materials like


Instead of the same dull solid paint colors we have. As a Destiny player, I agree, the Coatings in Infinite are a joke compared to Destiny Shaders.

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Apparently they do not want money, because Neon Superfly looks just fine on MK V, yet they didn’t include it.

Literally no work to get the coating to work on MK V, and they’d have gotten more people to buy. Since they aren’t selling the coating for MK V elsewhere, they must just hate making money.

Prices were cut so content is also cut and scuffed. Busted armor effects being dim, crooked, off center, and cut coatings. Don’t worry, for another 1000 credits, you’ll get the Part 2 bundle, with Mark V, Mark VI, the other vehicles, and the Sidekick and Sniper coatings… In 6 months.


And that’s why the community is so upset at them over these practices.


Battle damage should along with mud and viscera be a slider but oh well.

The whole one core unlock set up is majorly off putting for me for sure.
If things weren’t so piecemeal I might pay. The skin locking and emblems being separated grind my gears big time.