Mark V armors with knifes?

Now I dont know if this bothers anyone else but for the Mark V armor that their all missing the knife on them we get one chest armor that has one which is the basic one you get off the bat on reach but you gotta pay for it

Now one of my favorite chest pieces i was hopeing to get is the HP/Parafoil (R) which i got super excited cause it leaked but then i noticed it doesn’t have the knife going sideways on the front its just the vest part.

Now im disappointed but it doesn’t ruin the armor totally for me i still like the look but im wondering will they give a version with a knife later on cause i would like that trying to recreate my reach spartan

I got my air assault helmet, M10 tactical soft case and my UA/Type FJ knee armor

I just need this chest recon shoulders and UA Buckler wrist armor and not to mention a white primary pink secondary shader but i bet im not getting that anytime soon


Season 2 will feature more items in the shop rotation, and so forth and so on.
Honestly, we need a better shop system. I had proposed one that has tabs for every armor core, and for vehicles, weapons, and other cosmetics. And then every week and every day we would see bundles of items being put on the featured storefront for a discount that rotates.

The more Armor Cores we see added to the game, the harder it will be to get the armor you want.
“OOOOOOOH I cannot WAIT until the J.F.O. Bundle is available again next year!” says the future player who has to wait as at least twelve other armor cores have to have their contents cycled through the shop before J.F.O. is featured for a week.

The shop needs to be revamped.

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They were selling a knife bundle or something at some point.
This confusion and such is intentional. No fomo

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Has anyone ever seen the gears 5 store? That’s how halo store should be. Two currencies for paying with, one real dollars, the other in game currency. And every item is available all the time like RamboBambieBambo said. Give us options.

Honestly, I always thought the default knife in Reach was kinda tacky.

Especially with the double knife